Hope Immersive


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    JOIN - African Founders WEB AR experience

    JOIN - ‘Decide The Future’ interactive AI experience

    HOPE is a collection of immersive journalism and Afrofuturism artwork imagining two possible futures: one where bias and discrimination have been banished from technology, and one where it runs rampant. Through the experience, viewers learn how AI and data sets are vulnerable to bias but also learn about the real-world, Black-led initiatives underway to counteract this bias. 

    The project is created and produced by Award Winning Artist, Tracey Bowen pka Onallee, in collaboration with the Mozilla Foundation’s Creative Media Award program. She is a Data Researcher and Civic Tech Entreprenueur building Data Union start ups as a Data Prototype Award Winner at the South West Creative Technology Network; and as a Radical xChange Fellow, an initiative founded by Glen Weyl with board members including Audrey Tang (Digital Minister of Taiwan) and Vitalik Buterin (co-founder of Ethereum).

    The centrepieces of HOPE IMMERSIVE include a documentary following Tracey setting up the UK’s first Black Tech Task Force to combat the harmful impact of biased AI; a WEB AR civic collaboration piece asking the public to reframe the past; and aninteractive AI experience serving as an exercise in agency and optimism. These pieces are accompanied by a collection of conceptual AI based digital and sound art responding to the issues in AI and Ethics.

    The offline launch of the project will include a live art installation in Bristol City Hall entitled ‘Black Lab as Art’ – a week long ‘performance’ capturing Black innovation and cooperation in real time.

    HOPE will leave the viewer asking: “What can I do to help?”. It serves as part road map – part visual manifesto; spelling out the necessary steps to build a thriving and equitable future for all.